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Protect your valuables this Christmas

Thieves must think Christmas has come early at around this time every year, with many of us leaving Christmas shopping and gifts for loved ones on show in our cars.

Elvis the 1st CENTRAL elf

In order to help protect your valuables this festive season, we’re increasing our Personal Belongings Cover from £250 to £500 for all of our existing customers between 1st December and 5th January. 

This will be done automatically, so you don't need to contact us to add this on to your policy.

Criminals have little festive spirit and won't think twice about breaking in, especially as it can take only 10 seconds to steal something from your car.

Here’s our advice to help prevent having your car broken into this Christmas:
  • Don't leave anything visible in your vehicle. If you need to leave anything in your car, put it in the boot
  • If you can’t fit everything in the boot, take anything left with you. Just make sure they are the lighter items
  • Ensure that your sunroof and windows are closed and your doors are locked
  • Always try and leave your car parked in a well-lit, busy area, especially at night
Here at 1ST CENTRAL, we love presents too. That’s why we’ve introduced 1ST REWARDS for all our customers, so they can access a variety of offers and discounts on high street brands, family attractions and much more.

Have a happy and safe Christmas from everyone at 1ST CENTRAL!

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