How to install your Connect sensor

How to install your Connect sensor

Installing your 1st Central Connect sensor takes less than 5 minutes. Our step-by-step guide explains how to install your telematics device and get on the road with a 1st Central Connect policy

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Step 1. Download the app

Download the 1st Central Connect app to your smartphone by searching 1st Central Connect in your app store.

 Download the 1ST CENTRAL Connect app on the Apple App StoreGet the 1ST CENTRAL Connect app on the Google Play Store

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Step 2. Check your permissions

Make sure you check your phone's permissions so your
1st Central Connect app can track your trips correctly. Ensure that all the below are switched on:

  • Bluetooth 
  • Location services
  • Motion and fitness
  • Notifications

Step 3. Register your account

Once you’ve sorted your permissions, it's time to register your account. You can do this via email or phone. We’ll then send you a PIN code, which you’ll need to enter on your phone.
Don’t forget to make sure your additional drivers download the 1st Central  Connect app too – they simply need to go to the welcome message they received from 1st Central Connect, download the app to their smartphone and make sure they say yes to those cookies and permissions! It’s important that they register using their own mobile number – this is so we can set them up with a unique driver record on the app.

Step 4. Link your sensor

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Step 5. Install your sensor

When the confirmation message appears on your smartphone, your sensor is now linked.
 Remove the adhesive from the back of the sensor. Stick your sensor firmly to the windscreen without it blocking your view.


Don't install the sensor to the following places: 

  • Cup holder
  • Centre console
  • Glove box
  • Door
  • Inside the boot
  • Outside the car
  • Lower or top corners of the windscreen
  • Where any metal may interfere with the sensor and smartphone connection

If the sensor isn’t attached to your windscreen securely, it may pick up inaccurate data, which could lead to a low driving score or trigger false claim notifications.

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You're ready to go!

Once you’ve registered your account and installed the sensor in your car, you’re ready to go. Just make sure your phone is with you and enjoy the open road. The app will work in the background, recording details about your journey.

We're here to help every step of the way

If you’ve got a question about your policy, you might find the answer you’re looking for on our Help and Support page.

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Frequently asked questions

Is my smartphone compatible with 1st Central Connect?
Please check your phone compatibility below.
Compatible operating systems Incompatible operating systems Incompatible phones
Android 12 Android 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 11
Android 11 Android 8 Samsung Galaxy A10e
Android 10   Samsung Galaxy A12
Android 9   HTC One (M8)
Android 8   Huwawei Ascend P7
    Blu Life One XL
IOS 15 IOS 11 Asus Zenfone 2
IOS 14   Huawei P8 and P8 Lite
IOS 13   ZTE Blade Z Max Z982
IOS 12   ZTE Blade Spark Z971
    iPhone 7+ and older

If you're unsure which operating system is in use, please check the settings on your phone.

Do I need to have the app open for the trip?
You don't need to open the app for every trip. It works in the background and will collect your data any time a trip is detected. However, make sure that your smartphone is turned on and has a minimum of 20% battery and power saving mode is turned off. Remember not to force quit the Connect app before your trip.
When will my 1st Central Connect sensor be delivered?
Your sensor will be sent by post to your stated address, usually within 7 days from when your policy starts. If you haven't received your sensor within this time please contact us immediately.

Details of our contact numbers and opening hours are here.
What does the 1st Central Connect app detect and measure?

The 1st Central Connect app detects and measures a number of things, including:

Phone usage while driving - Don't use your smartphone whilst driving or hand it to a passenger to use. This can affect your driving score as the app detects when your phone is being used while your car is being driven.

Speed - Your driving score will be affected if you go over the speed limit. Always keep an eye on your speed and be aware of what the speed limit is.

Braking - The app will detect any hard or fast braking you make. Allow yourself enough time to break gradually, so you have plenty of time to react.

Cornering - Quick or hard turns when taking a corner can affect your driving score. So always try to drive smoothly and precisely around corners.

Hard acceleration - Your driving score will be affected if you accelerate too quickly. Gentle acceleration is always best - it's safer and doesn't put a strain on your car's engine.