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Legal Expenses Cover 

What’s included in Legal Expenses Cover?

If you have an accident and it’s not your fault we will give you up to £100,000 of car insurance Legal Expenses Cover to help you recover uninsured losses and costs.

If you take out Legal Expenses Cover with your car insurance:

  • You won’t have to pay out for expensive solicitors
  • You’ll be able to reclaim any loss of earnings for time off work
  • You’ll be able to reclaim other costs incurred in the aftermath of the accident including taxis, court costs etc. which can mount up
  • If you have third party, fire and theft cover you will also be able to claim back any car repairs after the accident or damage to personal belongings

Your questions answered

I’m a careful driver do I need Legal Expenses Cover on my car insurance?

We know that the majority of our customers are careful drivers but there are still many inexperienced drivers on the road. If you're unlucky enough to be involved in an accident for which you are not responsible, Legal Expenses Cover will provide you with access to a team of motor claims specialists who will help with reclaiming your costs.

I think I have this cover elsewhere?

Quite often some home insurance companies and banks don’t include motor claims as part of their legal protection. This could mean that you have no motor legal expenses protection and could mean you have to pay solicitors’ fees and miss out on compensation.

Isn’t this cover included in my standard policy?

Our standard policy will only cover you for legal assistance where the car accident results in death or a manslaughter charge, which account for only a minority of compensation claims. Smaller disputes are much more common and can be very costly. 

What next?

Taking out Legal Expenses Cover

Just select the ‘Legal Expenses Cover’ option when you buy your insurance online or tell one of our advisors when you purchase over the phone.

Already got a policy with us?

Don’t worry, you can take our Legal Expenses Cover at any time during the year by calling us on 0333 043 2066. We’ll only charge a proportional cost to include the cover until your renewal.

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