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Protecting customers


We’re really hot on fraud, it’s one of the reasons we can offer such competitive car insurance premiums. Find out below how we’re tackling insurance fraud and what you can do to help.

Sorry to get all serious on you, but we hope you’ll find it reassuring!

The cost of fraud
What is fraud?
What are we doing about it?
Taking action

Your information

If you’ve been involved in an incident you will have been asked to give us some information about you and your passengers. Here’s some details about how we share this information: 

About you

We’ll share your information with a few others, such as those who will be a part of your claim. Including repairers, hire car companies and our legal panel for any injuries.
Insurers also share information with the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register and the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register, run by Insurance Database Services Ltd (IDS Ltd). This checks the information people provide to help prevent insurance fraud. If any false or inaccurate information is found it is passed to anti-money laundering and fraud agencies.

About your passengers

If your passengers have suffered an injury, we’ll share their details with our legal panel who will progress a claim for personal injuries.
If any of your passengers are under 16 years old, we would have asked for your consent to allow us to use their information, which helps us to move forward with their part of the claim.
We’ll make sure this information is always secure and won’t pass it on to anyone without a specific reason to do so, or without letting you know. More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

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