What affects the price of your car insurance?

When we set the price of your car insurance, we analyse hundreds of factors, ranging from how many claims are being made, your own details and experience, and what's happening throughout the constantly changing world that we live in.

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How you affect the price of your car insurance

The car you're insuring

Factors like the make, model, age, fuel type, value, transmission and engine size of the car all influence the price of car insurance. In addition to this, if you’ve owned your car for longer, you’ll be more used to driving it, which may result in a lower price.

The town or city you live in

We take into account the frequency of accidents, the cost of repairs, theft rates and claims for injuries around your local area. Fewer claims or lower costs in your area could reduce the cost of insuring vehicles.

No Claims Discount

As recognition for showing us that you’re a safe driver, you’ll receive a lower price for each year of claim-free driving.

Your previous claims

The price we quote you will be affected by any accidents you’ve had or claims you’ve made during the last five years.

Previous driving convictions

Our data tells us that those with a driving conviction are more likely to claim, which can affect the price. This is why we take driving convictions into account when we calculate the cost of insurance.

Your driving patterns

The fewer miles you drive, the less likely you are to claim due to the short period you spend on the road. The nature of your journeys can also affect the price, such as whether you drive for business, commuting or social.

Drivers of the car

We look at all kinds of driver details when setting the price, such as age and type of licence. For example, on a provisional licence, the driver is fully supervised. But when they move to a full licence, they’re no longer supervised and tend to drive significantly more miles.

How the world around you affects the price of your car insurance

Parts and repair costs

Repairs and car parts generally become more costly each year. And this is taken into account when setting insurance prices.

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

IPT for car insurance increased by 6% over the last decade and is now 12%. Such increases carry through to customer prices.


Fraud adds approximately £50 to every premium, and if false or inaccurate details are provided, it can result in the policy being invalid and claims not being paid. We’re always looking at new ways to combat this in order to keep prices down for honest customers.

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Do you offer live chat?

We also offer live chat across our sales pages, within Your Account and on our Help & Support page. Look out for the blue chat web chat icon at the bottom right of the page.

You can use web chat to and discuss any queries you may have with our Customer Services, Sales, Renewals, Claims and Payments & Finance team.

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How do I get in contact with you?

Remember, you can manage your car insurance online. Simply log in to Your Account to review and update your details with ease - anytime, anywhere and for a reduced admin fee.

If you have a 1st Central Online policy, everything is done through Your Account. So, you'll need to log in to manage, make changes, cancel or renew your policy.

Customer Services, Sales, Renewals and Instalment enquires

To make a change, discuss your monthly instalments or an outstanding debt, enquire about a quote or renew your policy:

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New Claims
Report a new claim:
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How do I cancel my car insurance policy?
If you'd like to discuss cancelling your policy, please call us on 0333 043 2085.

Our opening hours are:

Mon - Fri: 8am to 8pm
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Cancelling your direct debit instruction won't automatically cancel your policy and you may incur additional charges.

Details of our fees are here.

How much do you charge if I cancel my policy?
Details of our fees are here.

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