Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

With 1st Central's Contents Insurance, you don't just get comprehensive protection for your belongings, but also great value, ensuring peace of mind without breaking the bank.

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What's Contents Insurance?

Contents Insurance provides vital protection for your personal belongings inside your home, covering items such as furniture, electrical equipment, clothing, and valuables against risks like theft, fire, and damage. 

It offers peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected occurs, you can rely on insurance to help repair or replace your belongings, ensuring that you can quickly restore comfort and normality to your life.

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Why Contents Insurance?

Your key to peace of mind and comprehensive protection for your belongings. With coverage up to £75k, including loss and damage protection, you can trust us to safeguard what matters most to you. 

Worried about your expensive bike? We've got you covered with bike cover up to £350. Plus, our outbuilding coverage up to £5k ensures that even items stored outside your home are protected.

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Protect your contents with 1st Central

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What's included in our Contents Insurance?

Contents cover

Contents insurance amount covered up to £75,000

Bike cover

Pedal cycles when kept at home, up to the value of £350 

Cash cover

Money that's kept at home

Cover for outbuildings

Contents in outbuildings within the boundaries of the property

Fridge and freezers contents

Loss or damage to the contents of fridges and freezers

Loss and damage

Loss or damage to the contents in the home, including electrical equipment and furniture 

Mirrors and glass damage

Accidental damage to mirrors or glass 

Optional cover

Additional cover is available for valuable items worth more than £1,500 and bikes worth more than £350 as specified items at any time during your insurance cover

Need more coverage than just Contents? Don't worry, we offer Buildings and Contents Insurance too, so if you don't just need cover for the belongings inside your home, this could be the right product for you. Check out our Buildings and Contents Insurance.

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What isn't covered?

Contents Insurance has its limits, with the below features not included. However, you can purchase our Personal Possessions extra cover to enhance your coverage.

  • Bikes worth more than £350
  • Damage as a result of wear and tear
  • Items worth more than £1,500, unless specified
  • Any spillages and stains to carpets, unless you add Full Accidental Damage Cover

For full information on what isn't covered in our Contents Insurance, check out our Policy Wording.

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Additional cover for extra peace of mind

At 1st Central we know your home is more important than ever, that's why you can choose from a number of optional extras so you can tailor your home insurance to suit your needs. Our Home Insurance add-ons give extra peace of mind, and provide additional support when the unexpected happens, ensuring you can get on with your day.

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We're here to help every step of the way

If you’ve got a question about your policy, you might find the answer you’re looking for on our Help and Support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer live chat?

We also offer live chat across our sales pages, within Your Account and on our Help & Support page. Look out for the blue chat web chat icon at the bottom right of the page.

You can use web chat to and discuss any queries you may have with our Customer Services, Sales, Renewals, Claims and Payments & Finance team.

You can also make a payment if you’re in arrears, providing we already hold your payment method on your account.

See our opening hours here

What are your fees and charges for my home insurance?
Our fees and charges for making a change or for cancelling your policy are in the table below: 
Cancellation fees  
Cancelling your policy before it starts, or within 14 days of its start date   £0  
After 14 days of the policy start date   £35 
If we have to cancel your policy – see ‘Cancelling this policy’ for more information    £35 
Fees for making a change    
If we have to make a change because you gave us incorrect information    £25 
If you make a change on the phone   £25 

We don’t charge an arrangement fee at new business or renewal.  

If you cancel your policy within 14 days of purchase, a full refund of the premium will be provided, provided that no claim has been made. If you choose to cancel within the first 14 days and pay by installments, we won't refund any credit finance charges. 

If you cancel your policy 14 days or more after purchase, you'll have to pay for the time you were covered and any cancellations fees. This will only be applicable from the time you contact us or later. We may not refund any premium if you have made a claim, if the instalment payments are not up to date, or if fraud has been comitted.