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Personal Accident Cover 

What’s included in Personal Accident Cover?

Although it's not something we like to think about, an accident can happen at any time and can leave you and your family struggling to cope financially.

Our Personal Accident Cover gives you peace of mind and protects your loved ones in the unfortunate event of death or certain serious injuries. 1ST CENTRAL's additional Personal Accident Cover will allow you to claim:*

  • Up to an additional £60,000 for certain injuries or death to yourself, or any passengers following an accident in your car
  • £100 a day for up to 180 days for hospitalisation costs or following temporary injuries preventing you from working or completing daily activities
  • Aftercare benefits such as physiotherapy and counselling (£2,000 for each)

If you don’t tend to carry passengers, you may still want to consider cover for yourself should an accident happen.

You’ll get the pay-out regardless of who’s to blame.

Some age limits apply.

I think I have this cover elsehwhere?

Some customers may have Personal Accident Cover elsewhere, but if you take out 1ST CENTRAL's Personal Accident Cover, you’ll receive the compensation regardless of what other cover you may have.

Some age limits apply. View full details on our website in our insurance document wording. Here, you can also find the optional Personal Accident policy wording.

Isn’t this cover included in my standard policy?

All our motor products (excluding our Value product) automatically cover you up to £5,000 should you suffer from certain injuries or death after an accident involving the insured car.

1ST CENTRAL’s Personal Accident Cover significantly enhances this cover up to £60,000* and covers you and any passengers in your car.

Some age limits apply. View full details on our website in our insurance document wording.

What next?

Taking out Personal Accident Cover

Just select the ‘Personal Accident Cover’ option when you buy your insurance online or tell one of our representatives when you purchase over the phone.

Already got a policy with us?

Don't worry, you can take out Personal Accident Cover at any time during the year by logging into your customer portal and select 'Tailor your optional extras'.

Read the full Policy Wording

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* We’re continuously working on improving our products, so if your Personal Accident Cover started before 1st August 2020, please refer to your documents in your customer portal for more detail of what’s included.


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