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Personal Accident Cover

As an add-on to your 1st Central car insurance, Personal Accident Cover will give you peace of mind for you and your loved ones in the unfortunate event of death or certain serious injuries as a result of an accident. 

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Key features of Personal Accident Cover

Would you like to add Personal Accident Cover to your policy? 

Do you have an existing car insurance policy with 1st Central and are interested in taking out Personal Accident Cover? Check out our video to discover all the benefits of this cover and how to easily add it to your policy.

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Do you already have Personal Accident Cover with your policy?

If you have Personal Accident Cover included in your policy and would like to claim, please contact our Personal Accident partner, The Insurance Factory Ltd via their claims line on 0370 241 4539.

Your Personal Accident claim will be handled by The Insurance Factory Limited, who will register your claim and send you a claim form for completion and return, together with details of the documents that you’re required to supply in support of your Personal Accident claim.

More information and what’s covered under your policy, can be found in your policy wording, available within Your Account or your confirmation of insurance email.

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Frequently asked questions

Are my passengers covered for Personal Accident without the additional cover?

Our standard, Plus, Legal and Premier products include £5,000 of Personal Accident cover for the policyholder only. If you’d like to cover your passengers too, you can choose to pay a small additional premium for extra Personal Accident Cover.

There are two ways of purchasing Personal Accident Cover:

You can take out Personal Accident Cover when you purchase a car insurance policy online or over the phone.

If you already have a car insurance policy with 1st Central, you can easily add Personal Accident Cover at any time during the year in Your Account.

There will be a proportional cost to include this cover until renewal.

What does the additional Personal Accident cover protect me for?

Although it's not something we like to think about, an accident can happen at any time and can leave you and your family struggling to cope financially.

Our Personal Accident Cover gives you peace of mind and provides support for you and your loved ones in the unfortunate event of death or certain serious injuries.

Our additional Personal Accident Cover will allow you to claim:*

  • Up to an additional £60,000 for certain injuries or death to yourself, or any passengers following an accident in your car
  • £100 a day for up to 180 days for hospitalisation costs or following temporary injuries preventing you from working or completing daily activities
  • Aftercare benefits such as physiotherapy and counselling (£2,000 for each)

Even if you don’t regularly carry passengers, you may still want to consider if you should have cover for yourself should an accident happen.

You’ll get the pay-out regardless of who’s to blame.

Some age limits apply.

*We’re continuously working on improving our products, so if your Personal Accident Cover started before 1st August 2020, please refer to your documents in Your Account for more detail of what’s included.

What isn't covered by 1st Central's Personal Accident Cover?
  • Anyone aged 80 or over
  • Childbirth or pregnancy
  • Breach of policy conditions
  • Intentional self-injury

Please note, only one of the benefits will be payable per insured person.

View full details of our Personal Accident Cover.

What are the age limits for Personal Accident cover?

Anyone over the age of 80 is not covered by 1ST Central's Personal Accident Cover.

The death benefit for under 16s is limited to £7,500.

View full details of our Personal Accident Cover here.

How do I make changes to my policy?
Your Account is the place to go to make updates to your policy and if you make a change through Your Account, you'll benefit from paying a reduced admin fee.

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