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Hire Car Cover 

What’s included in Hire Car Cover?

Don’t stress over travel arrangements in the event of your car being written off in an accident or stolen. We will give you a hire car for up to 28 days and deliver it to your home address, meaning you can go about your daily life uninterrupted.

If you take out Hire Car Cover with your car insurance:

  • You will be covered where the standard courtesy car does not apply, e.g. in the event of an unrecovered theft or write-off
  • You will have full use of a hire car for up to 28 days 
  • You can save time and money comparing quotes from hire car companies, who could charge you over £300 to hire a small car for 2 weeks

Common questions

Why should I buy this?

Our Car Hire cover will save you the cost and inconvenience of finding a hire car by providing you with full use of a car for up to 28 days if your vehicle is rendered a total loss or is stolen and not recovered, so you can carry on with your daily life as usual, without having to stress over travel arrangements.*

I have access to another car

There might be an occasion where a friend or family member may need to borrow the other car, especially if it takes up to 28 days to repair and return yours. Adding Hire Car for only a few pounds could be a lot less hassle.

What next?

Taking out Car Hire Cover

Just select the ‘Hire Car’ option when you buy your insurance online or tell one of our advisors when you purchase over the phone.

Already got a policy with us?

Don’t worry, you can take our Hire Car cover at any time during the year by calling us on 0333 043 2066. We’ll only charge a proportional cost to include the cover until your renewal.

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* You must be a full driving licence holder aged 18-80 to be eligible for Hire Car Cover

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