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20 stats you didn’t know about UK drivers

We asked UK drivers what they thought about road safety and driving habits. The results may shock you…

Road rage!

1. ‘Drivers who do not indicate,’ ‘drivers who change lanes dangerously’ and ‘drivers using a mobile phone’ were the top reasons why people experience road rage (68%).

road rage

2. 53% of Londoners stated that cyclists who are not paying attention to the road and drivers of large vehicles (i.e. bus or lorry drivers) who drive unsafely on the road cause them frustration when driving.

3. The Welsh are the most impatient, with nearly half (49%) stating ‘slow drivers’ cause them road rage.

4. Perhaps a reflection on British queuing culture but traffic jams received the least votes overall as a cause of road rage.


5. 27% of drivers (under 44 years old) stated they use their mobile phone when stationary at a red traffic light.

6 …and one in 10 in the same age bracket admitted to typing on the phone when driving (i.e. text messages, emails, social media etc.)

texting while driving

7. 18-44 year olds just can’t put the phone down as 14% stated they find it difficult to drive without checking their phone!

8. Young drivers even snap behind the wheel as 4% of 18-24 year olds admitted to taking pictures and videos while driving.

Driving distractions

9. 71% of UK drivers agreed with the statement that using headphones for listening to music while driving should be made illegal in the UK.

10. …however, only 27% of 18-25 year olds agree with the statement!

11. 60% want a ban on smoking and driving: 37% strongly agreed and 23% tended to agree that smoking while driving should be made illegal in the UK. People in the north-east are the most likely to agree with the statement, with 73% stating that they agree it should be made illegal.

12. One in four drivers get distracted by loud music when on the road: 27% of people surveyed said they do get distracted by other drivers’ loud music.

Tailers and hoggers

13. 77% of people asked have seen either no change or an increase in tailgating since stricter laws were put in place: 59% said they have seen no change in tailgating since stricter laws were put in place last year and 18% have seen an increase in incidents.

14. 16% of drivers stated they had seen an increase in ‘middle lane hogging’…

15. While 60% said they have noticed no change at all since on-the-spot fines have been introduced.

16. Nearly one in four (24%) of those asked in Scotland and the north-east of England said they have seen an increase in tailgating.

Shoe shockers!

18. Almost half of women change shoes for safer and more comfortable driving: 48% stated that they sometimes change into comfortable shoes for driving and change back into other shoes when finished.

driving with no shoes

19. In contrast, nearly half of men never consider what type of shoes they wear when driving.

20. 15% of 18-24 year olds say they sometimes drive bare foot.

It’s important to ensure safe driving at all times, whether this involves checking your footwear or ensuring a hands-free device for your mobile. 1ST CENTRAL urges all drivers to keep up-to-date with the Highway Code, as well as ensuring to take all necessary measures for a safe driving experience.

This data was acquired by 1ST CENTRAL as part of a campaign to ensure safer driving on the roads. The research aimed to find out what people think about current road laws and their habits when driving. The survey, conducted by YouGov on behalf of 1ST CENTRAL, questioned 2,129 adults. 1,545 (73%) of them currently drive and 306 (14%) stated they have driven a vehicle, but currently do not. Only 12% of those surveyed were not drivers (with the majority being aged 18-25).